Why Hire a Doula?

So what is a birth doula? I'm often asked this question. Doulas are trained birth companions who provide continuous physical and emotional support during labor and birth for birthing persons and their partners. The evidence is clear and is linked below from "The Evidence for Doulas" by EBB:

Doula's lower the risk of cesareans, increase the likelihood of spontaneous vaginal delivery, decrease the use of additonal pain medications, shorter labors on average, decrease baby's risk for a low Apgar score and increase the satisfication of the birth experience overall. The benefits run deep and can be felt in a number of ways. In NY, at a time where an on-call doctor who you have never met can deliver your baby, having a support person you know and can trust in the birth room is vital. Hiring a doula is a decision you and your family will not regret. 

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Why Dad's love doula's!

"If you like it, I love it". That was the response my client received when she brought up the idea of having a doula to her partner. Here he is spending time with thier baby during skin to skin, which I always encourage postpartum. I was thrilled to hear he was so committed to ensuring thier family unit was supported, but I realize that is not always the case. Some father's are not entirely sure what a doula does, but I find that they quickly see the value of a doula when labor is close at hand. As I guide father's in what is taking place during labor and how to provide comfort measures, I see how empowered they become in advocating and supporting their loved ones needs. I also see the bond grow deeper in these tender moments. Depending how labors progress, I step in as fathers take a quick nap or run an errand or run to pick up a snack. We work as a team providing comfort and affirming and in those moments all Dad's are so grateful to rely on a trained birth support person. Father's are an intricate part in the birth experience. I encourage partners to attend all meetings prior to labor so they can best support thier loved one and anticipate what is to come. Hiring a doula is a choice for the enire family.


Inductions have been on a steady rise the last several years.

There are several reasons for this rise and one is partly due to the ACOG ARRIVE Trial which concluded that its reasonable to offer inductions to pregnant people at 39 weeks. But the key word is reasonable. Many will not choose this option and nothing should be forced. The added stress from providers on an approaching due date can also be a cause for so much tension in the people I support. The key to managing this uncomfortable dynamic is finding a provider that alligns with your views and your ultimate birth preferences. The coercion taking place today can only be challenged by having a solid education on birth as well. When I look at due dates among the people I serve, the majority of first time birthers will go past 40 weeks. When the conversation of an induction takes place with your provider as your doula, I am here to support how you feel by offering information, empowerment and assistance in planning out what an induction may look like for you depending at what pregnancy stage you are in. Linked below is more information on the ARRIVE Trial and Estimated Due Dates. Continue to empower yourself with information so you can make the best informed decisions when it comes to your body and your baby.

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